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Thursday, October 06, 2005


I'm loving the weather right now. It's getting colder and I get to wear sweatshirts! This is probably my fave time of year and I'm excited for the leaves to turn colors and fall. There are tons and tons of trees around our house so it'll be really pretty soon.

So I had to get that out a little.

I'm not feeling the school thing lately. I just want to do nothing! but i'm going to start focusing soon.

Well, i'm not feelin' this blog right now either.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

back from beantown

BOSTON - So we just got back last night from the Boston trip. I think everyone had a lot of fun - i know i did. I was a little worried that I might not like Boston as much as I did the first time and not want to live there anymore, but I still do. This time around I got to go to the bars.. which was fun, but bad for the budget. This city is not cheap. It was absolutely beautfiul there though - the most perfect weather you could imagine.
We did some shopping, we walked the freedom trail - some of it - and took it to little italy where we had a dinner one night. and we caused a huge scene cuz we didn't all have cash so our waitress hated us at the end cuz she had to run a few credit cards, but we had asked her at the beginning before we got our meal how we'd be able to do it and she said that'd be okay. Apparently not. Ohwell, it was a damn tasty meal. I got Gnocchi - something like that - I don't know if it spelled right, but it's this kind of pasta, but kinda doughy/dumpling-esque. hard to explain. jessica thought it was made with potatoes some how. I don't know but it was so good. We also visited harvard and went to china town. We went to government center area - the bars there one night and the group i was with saw a total of 3 reality tv stars - a guy from the real world, the host from fear factor, and the runner up from average joe.. I don't really know too much about any of them. I've seen parts of fear factor enough to know who that guy is though. Anways.. the bar was EXPENSIVE.. apparently sometimes the red sox will come out's a bit of a club as well.. indoor/outdoor. Everything there is indoor/outdoor. All the restaurants they just open right up into the patio areas.. pretty cool.

so maybe some alpha chi's will move out there with me and I'll actually know people. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to see my cousin and his family. He has a new baby and I really wanted to see her but I just didn't have time! So that kinda sucked. and i feel bad. but all in all it was a great time - we got lots of attention since we were from kansas and all those awful questions that come along with it....calling us dorothy.. saying 'you're not in kansas anymore'... asking 'why in the world we're in boston'. anyways, a lot of people had never met anyone from kansas, so hopefully we were a good first impression of kansas for people.

Also, I met up with my long lost friend from grade school. He moved away in like 5th grade and I found him on the facebook a few months ago through another guy from school that was 'friends' with him. So I told him how i was coming to boston to visit and gave him my number and he called and i brought some girls over for a bbq at his fraternity.. free lunch. it was good time and so funny.. well here are some pics. I gotta get.