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Friday, April 27, 2007

the end is near!

One last week of putting my body through this awful, miserable marathon of no sleep and high stress. After this (assuming I pass this semester), I won't have anymore school projects that keep me up in studio for countless hours straight with no sleep. Starting today, many of us will slip into 'freak out mode' when we realize how little time we have to finish a whole lot of work!
On top of stressing over studio, I also am thinking about how many of my hours this weekend are going towards working at Panera.

If I was really thinking ahead I would have made this week my last week of work at Panera. But, I am not a planner and didn't realize what a good idea that would be. Instead, two weeks from yesterday is my last day. This gives me most of finals week to put in some hours, since I only have one final.

This is the last week of having to use the super glue that must be used to make a model at the pace I need to make it at. For five years now I have dealt with the itchyness that happens in these last final weeks and any other time I have had to build a model in studio. I have known for the last five years there has been something I am allergic to in studio. After coming back from a stress-free, super glue free semester in Prague, I realized it was the super glue. Any resistance my body had built up to the constant use of superglue had left and there was no question after using it again this year that it was the super glue. I have avoided it my best all semester, trying to use the slower-drying tacky glue to build study models, but when it comes down to this time of the semester, I have no choice but to use super glue. I'm loading up on allergy medicine the best I can while using the super glue, but it fails to stop the skin irritation. It's awful!

But it will all be over in one week! Then it is recovery time and graduation.

I still do not know what I will be doing after graduation. I have yet to secure a job and the search had to be put off starting a couple weeks ago, so that I could buckle down and finish the project. What is a job if I don't pass studio??

So after graduation and getting my wisdom teeth out, I will get a move on the job search again. I pray it doesn't take too long to land one that I will enjoy. For the most part, I will be looking in Denver and Chicago, but I will continue to look at some other exciting destinations as well!

Well, it's back to work with the irritating super glue and the severe itching that comes along with it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

studio fun

some progress on my current project.. less than a month to get all this finished!

Friday, April 06, 2007

job searching

that's it. keeping me busy and stressed