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Thursday, May 14, 2009

rec-in' it up

Between work and all these rec. leagues I'm in, I'm swamped! I also would really like to get EVERYTHING cleaned up and in its place in the new apartment, but I have no time during the week anymore!

wheeww, had to get that out.

One day of working more than usual and I buckle. haha. I'm afraid I may be working late tonight too - we'll see. I'm busy trying to get work so we can stay busy... nice little circle as long as it works out, I guess.

Weekend activities are stacking up, which is nice. I just need to make sure I have time to catch up. Two brothers still need birthday presents, I need to get the apartment in complete order and I need to fit the workouts in.

With the rec leagues in the evenings, I've been trying to do some morning runs. So far, I manage to get up once a week, maybe twice, and run, but the rec leagues involve beer, which makes it hard to get up and run the following mornings. Rough.

I'll share a little report on the rec season thus far.

We had a rough season of softball, but we've signed up for the summer league and I think we've made some progress as a team.. and maybe we'll win more than one game this time! haha. I'm enjoying my second base position. The shortstop and I kick major booty in the infield...

Our kickball team is pretty talented. We are very good at holding a beer in one hand and catching and kicking kickballs. I had to miss last night's kickball event to attend to volleyball, which just started, but we were playing a team with friends on it, so I sacrificed kickball. Kickball is very entertaining. Watching beer fly and people fall is an entertaining afternoon, as well as killing 5 kegs..

I'm no good at volleyball, but I have barely played before so maybe I can improve. Somehow, I was put in charge of my work's team. Of course, being extremely short makes it that much harder to be a good volleyball player.

Monday, May 11, 2009


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my mom - yesterday! I called and told her of course, but she also deserves a shout out on the blog. Couldn't ask for a better mom :)

She and my dad came out here to help me move. Thank goodness! That was a tiring weekend, but so glad they were there to help!

I'm almost all settled in. There are still boxes around that I just need to get out of the apartment and then it will look a lot better. I didn't have TV or internet all week last week and it was difficult! I got basic cable and internet this weekend, so no more torture! I don't need to watch a lot of TV, but when you can't even turn on one channel, it's weird!

Mia and I have been exploring, checking out the different parks around us. The bike path, which goes along the Cherry Creek below busy Speer blvd., is a great place to hang with the dog. I've seen a lot of dog owners down there letting their dogs run around in the water. It's practically in my back yard, so that's really nice. Also, a nice little park, Alamo Placita park, is right by me as well. Mia and I go there to play with her flying squirrel (frisbee-type) toy quite often.

I am also working up the courage to bike to work this week. I did a little practice ride yesterday. It's so easy and quick to get to work, but I'm just nervous to do it when all the other people are on their bikes and in their cars going to work as well!

On a side note:

I would really like to move my birthday to right now. Right now is when I want a million things -every year this happens. By the time August rolls around it's like 'well the summer's almost over', but it's still not really close enough to winter to be able to want winter-type things, though there definitely is more summer things to want than winter things. On top of this, my brothers birthdays have always been right now. Talk about unfair. So, I really think it's time to seriously consider moving my birthday to May. The End.