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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hi from houston

Well, I'm on my first 'business trip'.. well an over night one I guess. Very exciting. It was decided at about noon today and I was on a plane at 5:20. Crazy! There was a lot running through my head between those two times. Had to do something with the dog, tell the volleyball team I wouldn't make it, cancel happy hour plans on Friday, figure out what the hell to pack in smoldering Houston. Can I wear a swimsuit around there? Because it's going to be so hot and humid. I'm afraid for tomorrow morning!

So, I'm in my hotel room hanging out. Should probably just go to sleep soon, but NCIS is on and I NEVER get to watch this show anymore because I only get basic cable at home.

Anyway, reading some blogs this evening, too and I really liked this gem over at Chelsea Talks Smack. It just makes sense to me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

karma? .. and fun weekends

It's kinda funny when a guy breaks up with you and then gets struck by lightning the next day.. He's fine, of course. It wouldn't be so funny if he wasn't fine, but he is and I think it's pretty humorous!

Couldn't help, but share that!

Let's see. Went camping last weekend with a bunch of friends and it was a great time. Gotta love being in the mountains all weekend.

This weekend some of us are planning our first 14er! A 14er would be a mountain above 14,000 ft. We are starting with the easiest one, which I'm sure will be plenty hard when you're hiking up that high. You can just start pretty high up, so it's a little easier than the others. It's also one of the closest to Denver. So, I'm currently doing a little research on that, but I'm pretty pumped. Hopefully the weather is fine for it.

Also, there will be a little bit of birthday celebrating, but nothing too crazy.

I have started getting a little excited for football season again because we have pretty fun watch parties here in Denver for our K-State games. Well, we just got word that we are going to have to find a new bar to do the watch parties. LAME. Dumb Texas decided to take over our bar and apparently convinced them that they'd have bigger watch parties than us. Pretty disappointing because I feel like we had a pretty good relationship with this bar and a lot of K-State people go there during the week. The location is ideal, too, so now we have to find a new place that will hopefully give us good deals like this one did. There are a lot of options (that are still close to my apartment) that I hope can work out.

Well, that's all the catching up I have.

Oh, I acquired an old wood/metal school looking chair that I'm planning on doing some painting to and I'm pretty excited about that little project. Hopefully I can get that going and post some before/after photos, but I've never done anything like this so we'll see!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a post

I'm not doing so well at the ol' blogaroo lately.

I seem to have 5 million other things on my mind I guess. I've got some anxiety about things that could quite possibly happen in the next few weeks. Which, of course, is right in time for my birthday. And, I'm talking about some of these not being great things that could happen. Happy Birthday to me!

And to have anxiety about things that aren't going to happen for the next few weeks is, UGH, really tiring.

Eh.. that's really all I've got to say right now! Hopefully, I can pick it up on here.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

June, hello?

Did we have June? I feel like there was maybe 4 days in June this year.

Maybe because Denver decided June wasn't summer anymore..

Oh well, I have been looking forward to last weekend and this weekend for a long time! So I can't complain about the swiftness it approached I guess. Last weekend, one of my best high school friends tied the knot and I got to be in the wedding along with some of my other best high school buds and I got to see ALL of my high school buds at the wedding. I traveled back to KC for this one and was slightly tortured by taking pictures in 100 degree weather with 100% humidity.. or something like that. You gotta do what ya gotta do, though!

I had my first HUGE disagreement with tequila. I must say, I've never drank that much tequila in one night. I enjoy a tequila shot here and there, but I'm never drinking margaritas the whole night when I do that. So, the morning of the wedding day was a wee bit rough. Myself and the mother of the bride were struggling. The bride thought it was hilarious, so that's good. I finally felt good right before the wedding started, but I didn't do any drinking on the wedding night, which was unfortunate because the reception was at the Boulevard Brewery. How cool is that?
The building was so cool and the night couldn't have been more perfect. Usually hot days lead to hot nights in Kansas, but it felt like a Denver night!

It was a fun weekend, but I didn't have any recovery time at all. This week at work turned into a busy one as well. So right now I am in such a great mood, looking forward to my 3 day weekend that should be nice and relaxing. Celebrating the 4th at Wash Park with my friends is so perfect for me. You get there and you stay there all day. We're having a keg, volleyball net, washers, cornhole, polish horseshoes, laddergolf and lots o' food. Hopefully it's as fun as last year!