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Friday, May 30, 2008

UGH! all I'm feeling like today..

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yesterday's run ... 3.7 miles

Trying to get back in the training.. this was a little rough. It doesn't help that the whole second half is practically up hill. ROUGH.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Looking forward to the weekend

Hopefully this weekend consists of:

-Running (must get back into the running habit for training! we bought our plane tickets to SF!)
-Soccer (it's getting towards the end of both of my seasons!)
-Laying out by the pool (getting a tan!)
-Having some drinks with friends
-Playing with the puppy at the park (getting a tan!)
-Driving range (get my golf back on)
-Farmer's Market

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The past three weeks were not wasted! Thank goodness! I've been studying my butt off for this test I had today and I PASSED! It was a scary test - I definitely didn't know if I passed at the end of it. I didn't know how many I could miss and still pass, so each question could have held the results in it's hands! Scary! So after two hours of an increased heart rate and about 15 seconds of near heart attack, the score came on the screen and I passed.

The people around me at this testing center (taking different kinds of tests) just might have been a little worried about me as I kept making loud exhaling noises.. but whatever..

So I am officially a LEED Accredited Professional. Wahoo! I'm sustainable.

This is something I've been wanting to do for about a year and a half, so I'm pretty excited that I did it. The object of LEED is to create buildings that do not hurt the environment nearly as bad as most do, so it's definitely something that will continue to be a big deal. I would love to be a big part of it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

it's official

We officially signed up for the San Francisco 1/2 marathon! We also have a hotel booked. Just need the flight now... and to do some training, of course.. which is a little off track..

Friday, May 16, 2008

musical summer

I'm loving music lately. I've never been one to get really into music, but I think I'm changing my ways. I'm all about live music these days - which is also a good way to break the bank...

I guess sitting at work all day long and listening to music for some of it has made me want to explore a little more. Also, is a fabulous way to discover some new music. You put in an artist you like and it plays music by that artist as well as similar sounding artists. Check it out.

Denver has some great little venues for smaller bands/artists to come and play..

My faves right now

Matt Nathanson
Corey Smith (concert June 21st)
Ingrid Michaelson

I'm also going to the first annual Mile High Music Festival- - it's got quite a line up and should be a good time of sitting out in the sun and listening to music. That's July 19th, 20th - can't wait!

The thing about concerts is that you really don't know what you miss until you go.. live music is great.

"There’s something so amazing about music; it can transform the dullest of environments into beautiful places. Put it on, hear it out, look around, revel in the moment. Here lie the beauty and clarity that get you through your day."
- Tristan Prettyman

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I really wish there were such a thing as a chill pill.. I would totally mash it up and sneak it in to certain people's water..or coffee..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

my neighborhood in Denver

So in July, my lease at my apartment complex is up and I'm moving to my brother's house to live with him and his roommates. It's a great deal - I will be saving tons of money on rent.

I'm going to be a little sad to be leaving my neighborhood, though. I have spent so much of my time in the neighborhood with my dog. I am outside on walks or at the close neighborhood park, Congress park, with her every single day. On these walks and at the park, I have gotten to know a lot of my neighbors in Congress Park neighborhood that have dogs. Sometimes there will be 5 to 10 people there with their dogs, which results in doggy playtime. So it has been nice seeing familiar faces every time I'm at the park and knowing other people's dogs' names, as well as them knowing my dog. There is Aspen and Boogie that Mia particularly plays well with.

Tonight I was at a near-by coffee shop - locally owned. There is a very close starbucks which I have gone to because of it's very close proximity to my apartment, but this coffee shop serves up some great sandwiches, coffee and baked goods. So I sat outside today and had a turkey, avocado sandwich while studying. As I sat there so many people from the neighborhood walked up to either the coffee shop or at the ice cream shop next door to sit outside with family friends and dogs. There was a friendly run-in between one couple and their dog and another guy with two dogs. They clearly knew each other from seeing each other with their dogs and they sat down and chatted for awhile.

It was an awesome evening outside and loved that there was this neighborhood meeting place where neighbors run into each other. The ice cream shop - I think it is actually custard - is a simple store, where they home-make the custard daily. They have chocolate and vanilla every day and then a flavor of the day, today was coconut, and many toppings to pick from. After having my sandwich and studying, I decided I should probably check it out and ended up with chocolate custard and m&m's.. my favorite. While checking out, one of the guys asked if I would like to play a little trivia and try for 10% off. why not.. right? So I picked 'pop culture' and then picked 'sports and games'. I don't remember the question exactly, but it had something to do with "which city has held the olympics twice in (the name of the stadium)." And I totally got it right! Athens! Which if you've been to Greece or know much about it you probably would have gotten it right, because the name of the stadium was pretty obvious - in that it ended -aikos...

So to sum it up, I love the neighborhood and the neighborliness that exists.. a local park and the local shops add to it so much! And I'm going to miss it when I leave. It won't be too far and I could easily make some trips over to visit.

I will be close to an awesome and beautiful Denver park, Wash Park. Not as close as Congress Park, but it will suffice..

Yesterday's run... 5 miles

I went twice around Wash Park..good and pretty run!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

This morning's run.. 4 miles

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

All kinds of things are going on right now!

Well, mainly two things I guess - training for the San Francisco 1/2 marathon and studying for the LEED test.. as well as working. Thank goodness for my parents taking Mia home with them after they visited last week because I don't have time for my little pup.
It sounds like she's having a good time with the grandparents though, so that's good. I think I've talked to them every day since they took her home! I'm going to be one crazy mom to a real human being one day.

My LEED test (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design if you were wondering) ended up being scheduled a little bit later than I was planning, so I have a little more time to prepare. I'm pretty nervous though- I just want to pass this thing and it's not going to be easy! So much studying ahead of me and definitely much running ahead of me.. I have quite a ways to go before I'm at 13.1 miles!

I'm definitely excited for the half marathon and definitely excited for a trip to San Francisco.

I'm up to 5 miles this weekend..wahoo.. just the beginning! I'm also playing in two soccer leagues that have games on the weekends, so it's hard to fit in a run on top of a full game of soccer!

Well.. that's what is currently on my mind, so thought I'd share.