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Thursday, February 26, 2009

new stuff

It has been awhile! Woops.

Can't say I've been super busy, but I have been having a lot of fun. As well as just had things to do rather than sit and write on here.
Work has been pretty busy and hopefully it stays busy!! Hopefully we get some new projects going. The economy scares me every day.
I did just hear some words come out of my boss's sentence that sounded good -- "stimulus...building... looking good". So... maybe there's some hope??

I have found an apartment. An apartment that is mine all mine! I'm super excited, but also makes me reaaaaalllly hope for new projects at work so I have some job stability!

The location of the place is great. I'm back closer to downtown, work and friends. I'm actually right on the bike path that leads straight to work. I need a bike, but once you get past that minor detail, I could easily ride to work! The dog is always important to think of when I move because I want to be able to take her somewhere to get her exercise in and energy out, as well as I need to feel safe when I'm out at night with her. This area I'm in, I feel safe and down the street is a makeshift dog park! It's not technically a dog park, but there's an empty school and a big asphalt area is fenced in. Every time I've driven by there have been people there with some dogs, so that is pretty exciting.
The place has windows on 3 sides of the apartment and the other wall goes to the hallway, so I don't share any walls with anyone. I'm also on the top floor.. so shouldn't be too much ruckus from any neighbors.

Anyway, hopefully I can manage to save up some more money in the next 2 months since I don't move until May 1st, although I have to put down the deposit for the place pretty soon.

Also, been up in the mountains doing the snowboarding thing! I can tell I get better every time I go, so it's really fun. We usually have a really good time up on the mountain with friends, too, so it just makes for a really fun day.

And I have also been booking flights like nobody's business! Three flights were bought within a week... I'm not traveling 3 times in a week, just bought all the tickets in a week.. to clarify. Spring is definitely going to keep me busy. I have a trip to Baltimore that I am sooo looking forward to visiting my friend, then flying to see family for Easter and a flight home to Wichita for a wedding shower/bachelorette party. I still have to make room for another bachelorette party! Yikes. we'll see how this goes.

I hope my new phone, the LG Dare, arrives at my house today. It technically came yesterday, but I forgot that I should have shipped it to my office, so fedex didn't leave it at the door for me, but should be trying again today. I signed the little paper and hopefully it gets left for me and nobody steals it off the front porch!
Otherwise, I will have to drive to Littleton to get...not cool.

alrighty, 'tis all.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Everybody's doing it..

25 random things about your's truly.

1. I am half Lebanese and really, really wish I looked more Lebanese.

2. I couldn’t eat anything grape flavored for a really long time because of the nastiness that was Tylenol grape chewables I had when I was kid. I threw up from eating one.

3. My best childhood friend and I used to follow UPS trucks that we’d see in our neighborhood, in hopes that it was going to one of our houses to drop off an American Girl doll that our parents maybe secretly ordered for us.

4. I’m afraid five years of Architecture school burned me out. I don’t have the drive and motivation to work super hard. I like working 8 -5 and getting on to the fun things in life. I think the motivation will come back.. hopefully!

5. I also wonder if I will want to change jobs every few years out of boredom of the place I am working.

6. I worry for my family and friends a lot.. I just want everyone to be safe and healthy.

7. I don’t cry in front of people much at all, but I cry when really sad things are on the news, which happens often. I have to take breaks from watching the news.

8. I enjoy alone time. Really enjoy it. We’ll see how it goes when I live alone, though.

9. I’m obsessed with my dog. She rocks. She is pretty spoiled.

10. I love going to the park - with the dog, with friends and having a BBQ, playing volleyball and other random yard games. Fun stuff.

11. I wish I would have tried harder to learn Spanish in all the Spanish classes I took in school.

12. I’ve recently taken a liking to yoga and I never would have thought I would like it. Ever.

13. I am very impatient. I like things to happen NOW.

14. Gymnastics was my life from age 4ish to 12. I realized I probably wasn’t going to make it to the Olympics, so I quit.

15. I used to get strep throat a lot. The doctor told me if I got it again soon, they might have to take my tonsils out. I never got it again.

16. I need quiet time in the morning.

17. I love K-State people and hanging out with them in Denver. Good people.

18. I’m so glad my big bro and I live in the same city. It’s nice to have a family member around.

19. I want to relive my study abroad experience. Going back will never be the same!

20. Laura and I used to get caught having the strangest conversations sometimes… those sleep deprived conversations around Seaton Hall.

21. I am so glad I was an Alpha Chi in college. The sorority was a welcome break from Architecture and I made great, great friends...even if I wasn’t the most involved member and may or may not have had an anonymous letter written about me..

22. I really love family gatherings.

23. I miss hanging out with our tight group of high school friends and the fun soccer teams of high school days... remember the Dunn brothers? Loved James..

24. Every time I go to a concert, I really wish I was on the crew and went around touring with them.

25. I always wonder what people do when I drive by them on my way to work or lunch and they’re at the park or shopping or being at home during the work day. What do you do!? How do you not have to go to work? I’m jealous.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Haven't written much on here lately! It's been pretty busy lately. Work has been busy - deadlines and deadlines. I had to put some time in this weekend in between the food preparing, superbowl watching, working out and going out. I thought this week was going to be super busy, but hasn't been too bad so far.

Yesterday, I thought was going to be a loooong day of working, but I guess we're doing pretty good on our deadline. I had time to run to the grocery store, make granola bars, head to the gym and then go to my soccer game. Which, yes, going to the gym and then to the soccer game sounds ambitious, but usually we have a lot of subs and I don't feel like I get a really good work out. So, I decided to get a quick work out in before, nothing big at all. Well, I got to the game and we didn't have ANY subs. WOOPS. I was a little slow getting around from running previously, so felt like I wasn't playing my best. We lost. It ended up being a closer game than it looked like it was going to be, but frustrating that we couldn't get it together.

The next few days through the weekend are already planned out. A party to attend Thursday night, movie and out with some girlies on Friday, K-State watching Saturday, snowboarding Sunday....

Long term planning is also happening. Wedding shower and bachelorette party planning, Baltimore trip planning and Minnesota lake trip planning! The planner is out and ready!