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Sunday, September 17, 2006


So, obviously I'm not doing so good at updating this, but every now and then I may get the urge to post something.. so I'm keeping the blog around. I need to change the name, because I am no longer in Prague -- sadly.
So I'm still working on getting into the swing of school. Basically, it's the studio stuff that is hard to dive into. I'm not ready to spend all my time in Seaton Hall again. I have had a very large amount of reading to do this semester and most of it is not easy reading. I have to whip out the dictionary every now and then to figure out what exactly these writers are talking about.

***actually, please look at Laura's blog - there's a link to the right. She has a nice quote off of one of the readings we had to read for our Project Programming class in her last post.

One of my classes is basically all reading. We have the class once a week and discuss the readings we were supposed to read throughout the week. We also have a paper over the readings - about 2 pages - due every class. So that keeps me pretty busy. That class is on Tuesday evening. I am in a drawing class on Monday evening, I have studio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as usual, golf class Thursday morning, and a Project Programming class Thursday afternoon. It really isn't too bad of a schedule, since all of them except for studio is only once a week. It also gives me plenty of time to work out in the morning.. besides golf at 9:30 on Thursday, my classes start at 1:30 pm at the earlies.

I'm really liking the golf class of course. I'm so glad I took it. There's probably 11 people in the class and I am the only girl. They have other classes and I think those have more girls, but I'm the only one in mine. We've gone out on the golf course one time so far and I'm guessing we will start doing that for now on. We can go out early before the class and play during class if we want to; we don't have to actually go to the lessons. I have been, because I need them, but a few people just go out and play. Right now the weather is really nice, so it would be awesome if this held out for a good month or so before it starts getting frigid outside.

The football game was glorious yesterday. It turned out to be a pretty hot day, but it was so nice out and we stayed the whole game- which is rare. It was a little difficult to get up after a night out on Friday. The game was at 11:30 so in order to get some tailgating in we had to get up early. Of course, we didn't get up as early as planned, but we got out there some time around 9:30 or 10. Our phi delt friends always have a tailgate going on and this game they had rep. for the energy drink Rock Star, so they were handing out free energy drinks, which I most definitely needed.

Anyways, the weekend went pretty well. It rained last night while we were in Aggieville, which wasn't too fun. The bars got really crowded since nobody was out on the patios. We ended up heading home a little early and called it a night. Now, I'm taking a little break from the reading I'm doing. Fun stuff. I will be busy with homework all day - and week. We have mid crits this week. I'm going on Wednesday. Half way through our projects we pin up our work and get critiqued on our progress so for. I also have to do a presentation with Laura on Thursday for our Programming class. We have been researching an architect and one of his specific buildings.. we have quite a bit to do for that before we will be ready to present. So it shall be a busy week.

Well, I better get going on this reading. I'll try not to wait so long to post next time!