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Monday, March 30, 2009

i want

I think I'm going to buy these.. I'm going to keep putting it off, but I need to do it before the free shipping and 15% off deals leave!!! EEK.

Friday, March 27, 2009

this week in the life..

So, we had a gorgeous, 70 degree weather weekend and then a blizzard on Thursday. The good news was I got to leave work at noon.... BUT it was with the rest of the city. This lead to horrendous traffic. Unbelievable.

So, I had the afternoon off, which was nice, but since it was crappy out I didn't want to go anywhere, therefore was a little bit bored. It also didn't help that once it hit 5:00, basketball was all we had on TV in the living room. I was into march madness the first few days of the first rounds, but I'm over it now. I was bored and did not want to watch basketball! My brackets are doing awful, so I'm just really not into it.

I did finally set up my external hard drive and put my oh-so-important photos, music and architecture projects on it. That was one thing that I really kept meaning to do and it's nice to have that stuff backed up. Well, I need to get back on it and just double check it's really on there.

Earlier in the week we had our first softball game. Unfortunately it was a bit chilly out. I don't think this next week is going to be much better, either. Anyway, we won! I think the team we played might be one of the worst we will play this season, but it's nice to start off with a strong win. I played second base and got two outs there. I also hit the ball every time I was up to bat, although got out at first base on two of them. The other time I made it around and scored, though. It was really fun, though! More fun than I was expecting. I guess it helped that I felt like I did something during the game, too.

So, we're almost to the one month mark of moving into my apartment.. that is one month UNTIL I move into my apartment. Still so far away!! I will have a pretty busy month, though, so it might go pretty quickly.

Next weekend, I'm on my way to Baltimore to pay a visit to Laura. Yay! The weekend after that I'm going to Oklahoma City to visit family for Easter. I am definitely looking forward to both trips! When that's over with I will be much closer to moving into the new place. I want to buy so much stuff for it! I'm addicted to looking at the furniture on the target website. Cheap and lots of options. People write reviews which can be really helpful. I am pretty much just looking at ones that involve 'free shipping' because shipping furniture does not sound cheap! I found a desk I'm going to have to get. I also need a coffee table, small 'dining' table and many other little things.. a lot having to do with the kitchen.

AND on the music front.. I haven't been to many concerts lately. One of my faves, Matt Nathanson, is coming back to town, but he just so happens to be coming when I'm going to OKC. It turns out, though, that he's playing in this concert the day before- one of the radio stations is putting it on. Yesterday, exactly at 9 am my friends and I got on the website to get tickets for this. They were only selling 150 and this is a very popular radio station, so word was out. It definitely sold out in 15 minutes and if you didn't click on the 'buy' button at exactly 9:00 it was extremely hard to get in. So almost all of us got our name on the list. Instead of giving tickets, it just puts your name on a list, so we could only put our name on and there's no way of buying more and selling them or anything.
There are multiple people playing at the concert. I'm looking forward to it!

They also just released the list of bands that will be coming to mile high music festival, so that was also exciting. Not quite as many people on there that I know as I did last year, but they're adding more and I can get to know some more artists!
Well , that's all the excitement going on

Monday, March 23, 2009

rec league time

Spring is here!! Well, it was this weekend, anyway. This week is going to be cold. The upside is the mountains will get snow and that we finally are getting some moisture here in Denver. So, hopefully this business just lasts for the week because I think that's all I'm willing to settle for.

Since Spring is here, all the rec leagues in Denver are coming to life. I'm going to be the rec sports queen. I have softball and kickball going these next two months and starting in May, my office might come up with a volleyball team.

Softball and kickball will be really fun. I haven't played softball in quite some time and had to go buy a glove yesterday before our little practice. The practice was a good idea because I haven't hit a ball or caught a ball with a mit in forever.

Kickball is a totally fun league. There is a keg tapped before each game and after the games we get free food and drink specials at my bar, Govs Park. I am at this bar probably 2 times a week, luckily my new apartment is very close by it! So, I posted some of the silly kickball rules below.

2. The more the merrier on the sidelines so all friends, significant others, pets, or even people you loathe and want to “accidentally” hit with a foul-tipped kickball are all welcome to join us. The only thing we ask is that anyone you bring along not play so as to leave the on-field shenanigans for the folks funding the season. Friends are welcome to watch,
laugh, heckle, and share a beverage, but not play unless a team is short and needs a sub.

5. At least once during each half of the inning, the team captain and/or pitcher of the team in the field should call for a social drink for everyone in the field.

6. Heckling is highly encouraged but should never be mean in spirit or tone.

13. All players must have a beverage of choice in their hand while in the field (even if it is water).

14. To start the game, each team will select three members to go against the other team in a beverage consuming

23. No intentional bunting is allowed. Should anyone swing as hard as they can and the ball only goes the length of a bunt, that’s OK. We don’t want to punish the already embarrassed. You should know if they are trying to bunt or not. This will be a judgment call if it happens and may be subject to the “Do-Over” rule described below.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Hello internet,

So, my younger bro is running the Seattle Rock n' Roll Marathon in July and he's doing it through team-in-training. He needs to raise money ($4,000!) that goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma society... which is really cool I think!
I want to pass along the website for anyone out there who would like donate. Any little bit helps.. If he can get a lot of people to donate just $10 then he will get there. So, if you want to donate to a good cause, here's your chance.

Thanks friends...