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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

so you had a bad day

I am loving this song and this VIDEO! Very relatable for us young adults I'd say.
I don't think the video on here is actually working, but just click on the "BAD DAY (Daniel Powter)" and it should take you to the video. Do It!

Monday, January 09, 2006

1 month

Well, there's about a month left before I leave the continent-a little more than a month - but I would say 1 month until 'freak out' time. In one month I'm probably going to be freaking out about having everything I need for the long trip abroad. I already am doing that a little.

But anyhow, until then I'm working at the architecture firm in Wichita. The friends are all slowly trickling away going back to school and leaving me. I plan on visiting though - kstate as often as I can and ku at some point too. Although, it sucks going to my house in manhattan and not having a room anymore, but yet awesome that I don't have to pay for the 5 or 6 months I won't be using it!

I need to get crackin' on some things I want to do before I leave - I want to get knitting down pretty well so that I can do some while I'm over in Prague, I would like to do some drawings or paintings while I'm still home, but I just need to figure out what to draw or paint- which means I should take some good photos of some stuff here pretty soon.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


  • chat with commerce bank people - inform them I will be in Europe - see how it works
  • possibly apply for a mastercard-which would be emergencies only
  • finish financial aid bitch of a form -DONE
  • get another official copy of birth certificate -? - DONE
  • hopefully get visa in the mail - DONE
  • lots of copies of passport picture - kinko's
  • make sure I have my official acceptance letter to CTU - DONE
  • health insurance card - DONE
  • important numbers card - DONE
  • practice packing - mom's suggestion
  • get plane ticket from london to prague *might be a key thing to do soon - DONE
  • make another appt. at doctor's for second round of shots - around jan. 20 - DONE
  • read through all prague and travelling books
  • go to kstate when school starts and get international student i.d.
  • possibly buy travel pouch thing from diane
  • get lock for laptop - DONE
  • buy new coat - DONE