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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


So I finished my studio project and got a nice 13 hour sleep in last night .. it could've gone longer if it wasn't for class. After a whole week of practically no sleep it was definitely nice, but I did wake up feeling tired/drunk/hungover. I don't really know - out of the elements I guess. It's amazing how much better you get at having no sleep as time goes on. We were reminiscing about a second year project when our whole studio was absolutely ridiculously delirious because we'd gone a few days without much sleep and now I'm pretty sure we've definitely surpassed that and haven't been that ridiculous since.

So anyways, I get a nice break this week. We don't really have studio on Wednesday because Ray is doing critiques for another class and then i'm going to be in BOSTON on Friday so i'm missing class! SO EXCITED! I do have a test on Thursday though, but after doing nothing tonight it shouldn't be too difficult to study for.
All during the project this weekend I just kept thinking "a week from now I"ll be in boston"...!!!

Well, I'm going to go grab a chai from the union before my rendering class. later!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dobry Den

"Dobry Den" - Good Day in Czech!
So I'm starting to get excited for Prague. It feels like it's actually going to happen now. Laura and I went to go talk to the study abroad guy who pretty much didn't tell us a whole lot, but talked a lot. And I'm taking a Czech class every Thursday so every week I get together with 8 of the other peeps i'm going with and we learn some Czech words and just learn about the city and country. We also went to a little presentation some of the students who went last semester made. It's always fun to hear about it from people who have gone - and they all want to talk about it. So many people have been like 'come talk to me about it' or i'll have friends who know someone and they'll say 'my friend would love to talk to you about it'. haha. but everyone loves it who goes, so that's good news.

I'm excited that the school work is not going to be nearly as hard as it is here. They are very laid back there and don't care so much if you come to class all the time. I want to have good projects and I'm not too worried about not spending time on the project, but it's nice to know i won't need to spend so much time. And apparently it's real easy to travel throughout the school year too. YAY! I'm not going to Europe to do studio all the time! Anyways, I have a shit ton to do, so I must move on.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

crazy busy

So .. let's see... lately it has been crazy busy, but for some reason I'm not stressed out. I'm pretty sure that part is coming though. Out of the like five or six 4th year studios, two of our professors teach lecture classes for us. So you would think they would try not to have everything due at the same time, but nope! Thursday we definitely have a paper and a test in one class.. and this is no simple paper.. it's really frikkin long and complicated. So basically everybody has been working on this systems III paper for a couple days and we have been neglecting our studio project! - which is due on Monday (for some of us atleast). And then of course we need to study for the test in the same class and then some of us have a Planning test on Friday. So this sucks huge.. great the more i write about it on here the more I am slowing getting stressed out. Woops!

Anyhow, this brings me to think about how they're going to change the first degree received in architecture to be a Masters degree instead of a bachelors. And it sucks because they're changing it so that the students in a few years will be receiving it and my year will be stuck with our bachelor degrees - and doing basically the same amount of work. We graduate with 160 hours for the bachelor degree and the dean was saying how he got his Masters after 165 hours... so we're doing this shit ton of work for a degree everyone else gets for a lot less hours in other majors. Awesome.

Atleast I feel pretty comfortable with my studio project for now. I'm not super excited about it which sucks. I guess I just really liked my project last semester and was excited about it so I'm expecting the same excitement and it's not coming. We have the extra burden on us knowing that for this project we actually have to make it buildable and prove that it is buildable with all the details and construction documents throughout the semester.

Well that was a nice little break. Now I'm getting back to work - I think I should work on my little cheat sheet we're allowed to take in for this test on thursday. After that I'll try to focus on studio again. And then I'll just never sleep. Sounds like a plan to me!

Friday, September 16, 2005

mmm studio

This is my studio space... nice and cluttered.

I've been spending my life here this week... very sleep deprived right now. And we just took a nice break to celebrate sarah's birthday and have cheesecake.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


" Action is the key to success.
Procrastination will tempt, fun and games will call,
and people will interrupt,
but the secret of achievement is to FOCUS.
Isolate what you want to do, get started,
and DO IT WELL."
Author Unknown

*to remind myself, basically
haha - it's kind of ironic that I put that quote on here, because every time I write on here it's procrastination.. that's how this whole thing was created.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

talk about procrastination

I just made this blog in an act of procrastination, so now that it has been made I feel I must get some work done. I have no idea if I will really write on this, but hopefully I'll keep it up a little. But the plan is to definitely use it once I arrive in Prague next semester.