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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

new york times

I had a pretty ridiculously boring weekend last weekend. I didn't really mind. I was just being completely lazy for some reason.

One thing I did do, though, was go to the park with some friends and enjoy the lovely day on Saturday. We went to a park that is right downtown, brought the dogs and tried to get some sun.

We had noticed this photographer taking pictures of some other people in the park earlier and then all of a sudden he was coming up to us and asking if he could take some pictures of us. Before you start thinking he's a creep, he explained that he worked for the New York Times and they're having him take pictures for a story they are doing on parks in urban spaces.. they're close to everything like public transportation and they create nice, popular areas.. yadda yadda. So, he asked if he could take some pictures and just pretend he's not there.

We continued talking and playing with the dogs while he hung out behind us getting pictures of us and downtown Denver behind us. He was probably there for 15/20 minutes at the least. When he was finished, he told us he was turning in the photos on Monday, but he didn't know when the story was going to be published. So, maybe we'll be in the New York Times!

This weekend, we're in the process of organizing some hiking and camping action. I'm pretty excited! Hopefully the weather is decent for us.

Ugh weather.. it's June in Denver, but it is acting like Spring time in Kansas. Not cool. We are having storms and rain constantly. Every day for the past three weeks, the forecast has shown chances of rain. So annoying. There have been tornadoes and hail. I'm over it. We better get a nice summer in!

Monday, June 01, 2009

oh Kansas

I took a trip back to Kansas this last weekend.

The drive to Kansas is awful. Well known fact. Another fact is that the speed limit on I-70 in Colorado is 75 mph and it is extremely rare to find a cop trying to catch speeders on the Colorado side of I-70.

Then, you cross over into Kansas. I-70 on this side has the speed limit of 70 mph. Also, you will run into eleventy billion cops on the Kansas side trying to catch speeders. So, I know this. I put on my internal cop radar and do the best I can to continue to speed, yet look for cops. Right when you cross that border you better go from 85 to 80 (assuming you do the normal 10 over.. or perhaps 9 over).

Anyway, we do swimmingly on this drive to Salina, Kansas.. well we made a quick pit stop when my air conditioner started acting weird at a couple miles before Oakley, Kansas where it turns out one of my passenger's uncle is a mechanic. So, we stopped to see Uncle Bill and have him take a look.. my temperature gauge thing was bouncing around, not looking like it was working, so we wanted to make sure we weren't going to overheat. So, he takes a look and says we'll be fine and sends us on our way.

So we make it to Salina, no speeding ticket.

But it turns out that there may be way too many cops in this town that have nothing to do. All weekend long people informed everyone to be careful, the cops are really strict here.
The warnings came all too late for me, as I got the speeding ticket after about a minute of driving on the streets of salina.

The kid had to be straight out of cop school and was totally stoked to give me a speeding ticket, although I told him we just got on the street and I hadn't seen a speed limit sign. He saw my driver's license and asked if I still 'reside' in denver and I answered that I did. He asked if we were on the way somewhere and I said a rehearsal for a wedding.
These all seem like valid reasons a cop would maybe decide that a warning would be a reasonable thing to do.

NOPE! DCSOCS (that would be, Dumb Cop Straight Out of Cop School) gave me a ticket anyway.

I was a little afraid for the rest of the weekend, as I was having car troubles and got a speeding ticket.. afraid there was going to be a part 3 to the streak. Luckily the rest of the weekend went great.

The wedding was a blast, saw lots of the college friends, where we partied like it was college.. Even doing the late night/early morning breakfast at a diner part of college.

Good times.

My parents even saved the day because my bridesmaid dress was left in Wichita, luckily they were coming to the wedding and could bring it with them. Otherwise, there would've been a bridesmaid in jeans.. might have looked odd :)