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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I just ate a very large, filling cookie.. UGH.. I'm full! I can't turn down sweets..

To Do Sometime Before I Leave:
_Add more songs to RUNNING playlist on ipod -check
_Write down where to pick up 1/2 marathon info -check
_Print off hotel and marathon important info/confirmation numbers -check
_Write down few ideas of places that are must-sees while in San Fran
_Pack Jackets and Jeans... the highs are about 60 degrees!
_Charge camera batteries
_Pack all chargers - phone, ipod, camera
_Do a load of laundry - check
_Figure out what I will wear for the run!

_Pick up dress from alterations place - might be pricey..eek! -check
_Finish a lot of stuff at work..ugh

_Meet at Allison's at 5:15 am - woohoo!

OH YEAH! Exciting news!! H&M is around the corner from our hotel !!!!! Good and Bad at the same time...

Not thrilled

Not thrilled that I just got referred to as part of the marketing, graphics, interiors area. Not thrilled at all. I went to Architecture school. Just because I'm a female apparently I'm being put into this category at work...

This is exactly why I don't want to stay here long... because that is the direction I will be made to go. I could see that from the beginning when looking at the one other female in the office with an Architecture degree. There's nothing wrong with that area, but I didn't go through 5 years of grueling school for that.. no sirree..

UGH. Not happy at the moment.

Anyways, looking to the weekend.. where I will be freely wondering around San Francisco..
List time...

_Add to playlist on ipod (that apparently we're not supposed to use?!) for the run
_Don't forget to pack ipod charger

Hmmm... that's really the most important thing I can think of right now.. Must have ipod for the run! Apparently, they have started banning them in marathons. F THAT. I better be able to use part of the website says they ask if you use them to only put one earphone in... I guess I can do that

----The girl next to me at work that works on GRAPHICS with me, just got off the phone with the client I did the renderings for last week and he just called to tell us that everything looked fabulous and had lots of comments on how great everything that's nice!

Monday, July 28, 2008

I lied

I totally lied! I'm getting nervous for this 1/2 marathon!

Well, I wouldn't be so nervous, except my run yesterday turned out to be pretty worthless. I had a soccer game Saturday and that left me more sore and more worn out than I thought it would. So the legs were sore from that yesterday and I decided to run at noon, when it was 90 degrees outside. I did not last long. I didn't want to push myself and make myself feel totally awful, so I had to run/walk for some of it. Not cool at all. If I would have gotten an 8 mile in like planned, I would feel better. Now I'm going to try to get a long one in after work, which it just never seems to feel as good when I go after work. Mornings have been awesome for me to run in, but I really just want to get this run in and don't want to put it off until the morning.

Other than the failed run, the weekend went pretty well. It was relaxing. I didn't do a whole lot. Had a relaxing happy hour on Friday for a few hours after work. I love happy hour on Friday!

I saw Batman on Saturday night and it was really good! I didn't know how I'd feel about it and at one point in the movie I got a little sick of all the crazy action going on. We were also in the third row at the IMAX so it was CLOSE to say the least. The movie started and the sound was off on timing- you heard what was happing before it happened and it was so confusing! I didn't realize that was what was happening for awhile.. I just thought I was confused....but alas everyone started booing and they turned off the movie. Employees came down as we were waiting - to explain how they had to fix it and how it would take 10 to 15 minutes, then another guy to say it'd be on in a minute. The crowd was really lively and funny. Each time someone came to tell us what was going on, the crowd cheered when they were done. One guy would yell 'FREE NACHOS!'. It was pretty entertaining.

The 10:20 show was sold out and then there was a 1:20am show after us. Crazy! It's not opening weekend, but it was still crazy.

In puppy dog news, we've started leaving Mia out for an hour or two at a time if we're all going to be gone. She handles it fine.. we could probably leave her out longer, but we'll get to that at some point. She loves looking out the window. loves it. We have a chair set up by the dining room window, so she can look out and when we're gone it seems like she just sits at the window most of the time. It's so so cute, when I get home and her little head is sitting in the window, waiting. It always takes her minute to see if it's me walking up to the door, so I always wave and when she figures it out she jumps down and waits for me to open the door. SO cute.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

music love

Last night, we saw Matt Nathanson perform for a private showing. We weren't supposed to be there, but we got in and it was GREAT. The guy is great. Everyone should see him live. He has a great voice, great music and makes such a great connection with the audience. The little venue it was at was perfect for this kind of a thing. Everyone got to sit up pretty close to him and throughout the show he talks to people and gets the crowd excited. He could hear people being silly and laughing and would point them out and say something back to them.

I would have needed a few more drinks before I would start acting silly/loud enough for him to notice me. I was sitting front and center, though, which was pretty awesome. I got some pics and some videos of him performing, so I'll have to put them on here at some point.

This was the second time I have seen him perform and I'm pretty sure after every show he does he goes out and talks, signs autographs and takes pictures with every single person who wants to see him.
We waited in line so we could get a pic and have a short conversation with him. I got 'Mokies. Bernal Heights' written on my forearm in permanent marker by him. Apparently, it's a great sushi place. I told him I'd be making a visit to San Fran for the 1/2 marathon and that's what I got. So here I am at work with a nice little note written on my arm.

So, yeah, we weren't supposed to be there, as I mentioned. We heard he was going to be here from an email I got on Tuesday and I clicked on a link that took us to the radio station's page to fill out a form and become a 'panel member'. We filled out and figured that's all we had to do. Well, we got there and it turns out that last week they had a drawing of the panel members and whoever was drawn got an email to come. So the email I got was from Matt's email list and was a bit misleading! We had to wait around the door for awhile, but there were plenty of no shows, so we got in without a problem... so it was free and VIP.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Work is killing me..

I had a super fun, super exhausting weekend and now I am SUPER busy at work. That's a lot of supers to deal with at one time.. I know..

With a birthday celebration that got a bit out of control on Friday night and the weekend long Mile High Music Festival, my weekend was pretty packed full of fun. I took the dog to get boarded for the weekend on Saturday morning since the festival pretty much consumed 14 hours straight on both Saturday and Sunday.

With all of that going on, I haven't gotten a run in now in about 4 days. Not good. The 1/2 marathon is in less than 2 weeks! Tonight I am getting one in, although it doesn't appear that I will be getting out of work at 5:00...ugh! I am just sitting here waiting for the computer to render up a model I have built...and it is going SLOOOW. There has been a deadline like every other freakin' day and it is driving me mad. These renderings are for a public meeting for the community of the city to come to and look at and decide how they feel towards the project. Also, they're for some press release. So it is kinda cool that everyone will be looking at them, but they need to be a good representation, too, so kinda scary.

Anyways, back to the running... I'm not too worried about the 1/2 marathon. I've been doing really well on my training..except for this lull, which I saw coming. I don't have any big plans for this weekend, so it shouldn't be a problem fitting a relatively long run in - not too long though because I'm supposed to take it a bit easier the weekend before the big one.

Well, gotta go and hopefully finish up this stuff so I can get out of here!
I'll post some pics soon

Thursday, July 17, 2008

country music, you always get me reflecting on life..

I've been listening to a lot of country music lately.
Country music always gets me in a different way than other music. It's about life.. and always gets me thinking about life.

"These are my people" by Rodney Atkins... love it. This will take you to his MySpace page for you to listen.. I can't just write the lyrics - it's not the same!

The stage I'm at in life - along with all of my friends - is pretty interesting! It's hard to take a step back from your own life - troubles and stresses- and just look at the picture.
Here I am in Denver, surrounded by people from pretty much the same area of the U.S. - Kansas and surrounding states...most with some sort of tie to Kansas - school, family... something. It's interesting how that happens. Someone knows someone from home or school and introduces new friends into the picture.. and something clicks when we're hanging out.

Part of me is so looking forward to football season because it is so fun to go to our Kansas State bar and be surrounded by K-Staters... many of them familiar from school, even if I don't personally know them.

Not only are so many of us from the same area, more or less, but we're at this same stage in life. We just got dumped into the real world with these real jobs and we're really just trying to figure out what to do with ourselves! If someone at my age has it all figured out, then that's congratulations... but I don't! All being in a relatively new city to us, we get excited to try new things, go to new places, eat at new restaurants and it's so fun. You can't beat it.
We all have different things going on - job stresses, money stresses, time stresses, relationship stresses- and you get so wrapped up in's just interesting to step back and look at the greatness of it. Making our way, finding out we're able to get through it and figure it out and come out on the other end.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I've been a computer rendering maniac lately! Here's the latest...

Monday, July 14, 2008


I am in pain from the weekend.. My body hurts. 10 miles ran on Saturday and a full day hike on Sunday leaves me a little sore and it is hard to sit at my desk at work all day.

Lots to do this week...

-Unpacking more - this is going to take awhile.

-Grocery store so I have something to bring to work for lunch.

-Call hotel in San Francisco and beg to have a late checkout on Sunday after our race. If I don't have somewhere to relax after the race, I don't know what I'm going to do.

-Get pictures developed (yes, developed - such a rare thing these days!)

-Make a doctor appointment - these long runs are doing something to my intestines... hence second bullet point

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Things are sloooooowly coming together around the house. It is pretty hard to fit in a workout, dog play time and unpacking and organizing all after work. The idea that has crossed my mind is to get the workout in BEFORE work. I might actually force myself up early one of the days this week. It would be a good habit to get into..

I definitely need to get running - I didn't do any running this last weekend, so I need to push myself this week. I'm not sure when I'm going to get the long run in this weekend either! I have a soccer game on Saturday and then we're going on a long hike on Sunday. I guess I'll just squeeze it in before one of those.

I am super excited for the hike, though. I love getting out to the mountains. I've been seeing some pictures from other peoples' hikes and I've been aching to get out there.

A quick tidbit - Mia has been sweetly waiting for me to wake up the last few mornings. Adorable. She's the sweetest in the mornings - she's all about cuddling.

Monday, July 07, 2008

3 days non-stop

Looking back on the weekend, it's hard to believe I did everything I did in 3 days! It was a full weekend.

Thursday night we headed out for dinner on 16th street at Rock Bottom Brewery - which was delicious, then headed to LODO. Sports Column on Thursday night is the place to be, as it is $5 to get in and then $1 you-call-its... Well, since nobody had work on Friday, the place was pretty popular and there was a loooong line winding outside of the bar. We decided to wait - it was moving fairly quickly. We headed up to the the rooftop and spent the rest of the evening there. After we made it home, there was after hours with Mia...she gets lots of play time sometimes at 2 am.

Friday we eventually got up and around and got to Wash Park at about the same time as the rest of Denver. Well, it wasn't that crowded, but spots that had trees for shade were quickly getting taken. We ended up with a nice spot and started to set up the food table, volleyball net and ladder golf alongside another group doing about the same.

The day was perfect.. lots of fun in the sun, drinking, eating and hanging out with friends. Our plans to go elsewhere to watch fireworks faded as it started getting darker and we were still chilling at our spot.. a little too lazy to start packing up everything. There was an orchestra that played on a stage set up near us and then we watched some fireworks over the trees that were being shot off at the Denver Country Club.

We finally packed up, headed home and passed out. Mia was so worn out that she probably would have slept until noon on Saturday, but I had to get up and get ready for the big move. I missed the opportunity to sleep in! It was very hard to get out of bed before my dog did.

Then the moving began. It went pretty smoothly. I had the help of 4 strong guys and all the heavy furniture was out and in the UHaul relatively quickly. We stopped at the Spicy Pickle, I bought them some lunch and we headed over to the new place to unload. There was some furniture shuffling going on since I added two whole couches and another table to the mix.

The Uhaul basically had all the heavy furniture, but I still had stuff at the apartment. So I had to bring probably 4 more loads in my car over throughout the weekend. I did a lot of heavy lifting up and down 3 floors.. I got a workout for sure.

Now, the place is a mess. Mia is currently sitting in her kennel surrounded by boxes.. poor thing. She's a little confused as to what is going on, but she's not complaining because she LOVES Uncle Jeff.. who she now lives with. I'm going to have to get used to Sportscenter on the TV 24/7 now compared to Law & Order on 24/7 from the past year..

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

pack attack

Well.. the time has come to cram in all the packing! As the extended weekend draws nearer, I am realizing that I really need to get most of this stuff packed TONIGHT. I took one load of boxes over to my brother's (where I'm moving) on Monday. I packed a good amount of clothes and shoes last night. So I'll pack some more tonight and take another load over.. oh fun.

Saturday, we're getting the UHaul and moving all the big stuff over.. I got some boys to come over and do the heavy lifting and I will be providing drinks and lunch.

Besides moving, I plan on having a good time this weekend too! It looks like we'll be going out a little on Thursday and then Friday, the 4th, will be an all day event at Wash Park with drinking, friends and games! I love Wash Park! I can take Mia and get her all tuckered out too.

Also.. changes in the office! We've been bought out/merged with a much larger firm.. so it has been a little bit crazy around here. I had to go through all the paper work you go through when you get a new job and learned about all of the benefits. I now have a 401k. So far, it all seems like it will be a great change.

So, busy weekend ahead of me..
Next week will be a highly unorganized week as I don't think I'll get through all the unpacking this week.

See ya next week.. hopefully through all of the moving debris.