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Sunday, June 29, 2008

weekend review

Well.. 8 miles and two hours in the sun by the pool later.. I'm pretty exhausted and have a headache.

The 8 miles were rough and I had to walk a little bit, but I ran over 8 miles so I think I was pretty close to running the whole 8 miles. I had a soccer game yesterday and I think that just made my legs a bit tired for the run today. I need to make sure the day before we run in San Francisco, we don't walk around too much and make our legs tired!

Speaking of my soccer game, though, I had a pretty amazing goal! I got high fives from my team as well as the other team. haha.. so that was nice. A girl crossed the ball in right at me - like this line drive. It was coming in 90 degrees from the goal and I took a swing at it and nailed it right in the upper, left of the goal. Pretty sweet :)

Anyways, other than that I had a pretty lonesome weekend. A lot of people were out of town/busy. I don't mind low key weekends, but it's kind of bummer when I realize my lack of many friends in Denver. If my brother's out of town and then some of my other friends are gone, it seems I don't end up hanging out with anyone!

Oh well.. hopefully the circle expands with time!

here's the run

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

7 miles!

7 miles yesterday! that seems like a big step for me! Now I'm over the halfway point of the half marathon.. haha.

The stress of paying for Mia's vet visit helped my run I think.. It wasn't all that bad until the awful stomach ache I got after the run. It was pretty painful. I think I was running harder and going faster than usual.

Monday, June 23, 2008

another vet visit...

Well, Mia developed quite an ear infection this weekend. Saturday I got back from my soccer games and she was shaking her head like crazy. I got a glimpse of the inside of her ear and it was all red. A lady at the pool in my complex said to mix together alcohol, vinegar and water to put on it. I did that Saturday and Sunday, but felt I really should talk to the vet, so we went in today. One ear looks fine and the other looks bad. They looked in the good ear first and saw there was a foxtail...

So the doc thinks there might be one in the bad ear and that's what started it. I guess this happens out in Denver - with the dry weather these little seeds fly around more and make their way in dogs ears.. or other places she mentioned she'd pull them from.

So... Mia is still at the vet. They are giving her a little sedative so they can pull it out.. and all I can think of is 'how much is this going to cost!?'

They're going to call me when they're all done with her, which seems like it should be soon. When I go in to get her, I am going to ask them if they have any pet insurance advice, because I think I'm going to get some.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Goals are important, right? Well.. my goal for the summer is to look like this...

Two of the greatest moments (okay, I'm exaggerating) of my life were when random strangers - guys at that - told me

First time: 'You probably get this a lot, but you look like Eva Longoria'

Second time (in the ritzy cherry creek area none the less) by a gay/metro sexual man: 'do you know who you like?! I just had to look 3 times to see if you were her.. who do you think it is? come on.. okay.. I totally thought you were Eva Longoria. You look just like her'.. yadda yadda..

So.. clearly I am no spitting image.. haha.. but I'll take what I can get..
So I am working on closing the gap..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

1 year!?

I've been in the working world for one whole year! This day seemed so far off awhile ago - it is a bit crazy. Time really has flown by so far. I'm still trying to get over it being June of 2008 and then I looked at the date yesterday and realized I started on June 18th last year! Wow.

So, I realized this at about 3:00 yesterday and the girl who sits next to me at work let everyone know of this accomplishment. There wasn't too much of a response from the rest of the employees - no showering of gifts or cake at least. I had a rum and coke at home at about 9:00pm in celebration..

Anyways, moving on...

_I have to move out of the apartment in 2 1/2 weeks. I currently have about 4 boxes packed. I have no idea how long it will take to pack up everything. I'm pretty sure I will assume it won't take that long and then be very, very wrong.

_I think it's time to get the golf clubs out.

_I'm finally catching up with the rest of the women in the world and going to see the Sex and the City movie tomorrow night! YAY! Drinks with the girls and then movie.

_Saturday night I'm going to see Corey Smith in concert. I've been loving his music and am pretty excited to hear him live.

_Two soccer games Saturday..that could be rough. We had our championship game for last season last weekend, so we missed the beginning of this season, so therefore we have two games this weekend. They cram these seasons in for sure.. I love playing the games once I get out there, but thinking about having to do something on Saturday kind of wears me out. After working all week, I would like the option of just laying by the pool for a few hours on Saturdays. I get to on Sunday, but that's another day I have to wait to get there!

Alright. I better end it there!

Happy Thursday! It's going to be a long afternoon I think...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whoa! One thing I recommend NOT doing is what I just did! Imagine if you lived at home at your parents' house for the past year and add up all the money you've spent on rent/bills/some food for the past year.. If you lived with your parents think how you could have SAVED all that money! Yikes! It's painful.. you really shouldn't add that up.

Bikes everywhere! I love it!

Yesterday, I turned onto the street leaving work and whoa! Cyclists everywhere! Everyone is biking to work these days. It's fab. It makes me want to bike to work, but I just need to get a bike. I believe next week is bike-to-work week and that would be a good time for me to start. It all kind of scares me, though, with cars that zip by you and the fact that I haven't ridden a bike in quite awhile.
The locations of my work and my home are ideal for biking it seems. I live only about 3 miles from work and for a mile or so there is a designated bike lane, and I need to figure it out, but I think I can jump on another bike path at some point. I need to print out the crazy bike path map of Denver and figure it out. Some kind of "Biking Around Denver for Dummy's" guide would be helpful too.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Well..I had a fun weekend! I was outside in the sun a lot, which is always the goal on these summer weekends.
We went out for Allison's birthday on Friday night - dinner and out. We had a fab night - much needed - we all hadn't been out out together in awhile! I then had a soccer game at 10:00 in the morning on Saturday and didn't feel real great when I left for the game, but the running around and the fresh air must have been good for me because I felt better after about 15 minutes. The field we were playing on out at Dick's Sporting Good's Park had an awesome view of the mountains! It's farther East than the fields we usually play on and must be higher up because I could see ALL the mountains as I played the game... pretty awesome. It was a really clear day, too. Gorgeous.

After the game Mia and I went to Wash Park to meet up with some people (and dogs) for volleyball and BBQ. So fun.. love days in the park. Then had an engagement party dinner that evening. I was pretty tired after the dinner and just went home and to bed..

Sunday was a pretty lazy day.. laid out at the pool, took Mia to the park near-by, ran into a couple of the usual dogs and their owners. Met a lady who thought Mia was SO CUTE! Then found out she was a puggle and told me all about her neice wanting to get a puggle so bad. So that was pretty funny. She was really excited about seeing a puggle. haha.

After all that and a little nap, I mustered up the energy to go on a run. I didn't go that morning and it was pretty hot during the day, so I put it off until about 7:30. I was worried for myself, putting it off like that, but I was going to be SO MAD at myself if I didn't reach my 6 mile goal today.

So I did.. did the 6 miles I had mapped out earlier. YAY!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

summary of thoughts

-Glad everyone's okay in Manhattan, KS (my alma mater) with the tornado! Scary!
-Sad about the boy scouts in Iowa.
-Impressed that Katherine Heigl turned down an Emmy nomination
-Noticing I'm looking forward to my runs - that's a good thing!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ohhh boy..8 weeks until the 1/2 marathon! I need to revise the training schedule.

This is what I think I'm going for.. just the long runs on the weekends. In between will be 4/5 mile runs during the week.

JUNE 14/15 - 6 miles
JUNE 21/22 - 8 miles
JUNE 28/29 - 8 miles
JULY 5/6 - 9 miles
JULY 12/13 - 11 miles
JULY 19/20 - 8 miles
JULY 26/27 - 9 miles
AUGUST 3RD - 1/2 Marathon

So the 1/2 Marathon will be at sea level, so that's a plus, since I'm training at 5,000 ft., but it will most likely have hills and that will be tough. It will also be in a city I have never seen though, so hopefully some stuff to look at will serve as a little distraction...

Mia and I had a nice evening last night. Our old puggle friends invited us over for a doggy play date. They had moved and have a good size backyard now. Marvin and Mia hadn't seen each other in quite awhile, so they did a lot of playing. It was still a little hot when I got over there at 7, but cooled down and it was a beautiful evening. They grilled up Turkey hotdogs and Turkey burgers as well. YUM YUM.

Also, it should be a fun weekend ahead. Friday we're celebrating Allison's bday! Then Saturday night I'm celebrating Angie and Corey's engagement at Ocean. More yum.
My soccer team is in the championship game of our league. I wasn't really expecting us to win two games last weekend, but I checked online since I missed them and we won. So, 10:00 is the championship game. After that I'm heading to the pool.. If we win the team will probably want to celebrate, but I need to go to the pool and layout! I haven't gotten the chance to yet and it's making me a little mad.. not gonna lie.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

visitors over the weekend!

After taking a long weekend off this was pretty rough.. but I should be on a steady schedule from now on with long runs on the weekend.

I had a superb weekend with the girls! Camdin, Jesi and Megan all came out to Denver and we had so much fun and did a lot. I'll sum it up pretty quickly..I showed them around a bit on Friday, then went to the Rockies game Friday (we left early and ended up missing one exciting game apparently - woops!), but we wanted to get ready and go out in LODO. We got back downtown and had a fun night. Saturday morning we headed to brunch at this place called Bump & Grind. On the weekends the servers cross-dress and are loud and obnoxious... pretty funny. Our waiter/waitress tortured this grandpa from Kansas. He had come over to talk to us when he saw Megan's K-State t-shirt. Anyways, we're not sure if his family and him knew what they were getting into when they came to this place.
After breakfast we headed west and went hiking and camping in the mountains. Very fun!
I'll put some pics up in a bit.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


This is a cute blog.. I like this post in particular

Wednesday's run

So I'm putting these runs in here so I can keep track of what I've done and in hopes to motivate me if I'm putting it out there when I run!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

more running

I need to figure out a new run around my apartment.. I'm going to get sick of this one. I am moving in a month, so I guess I will have a new route around then. I'll try to get creative for the next month though.. and I need to bump up the running. I'm hanging around the 4 mile mark too much.. I need to jump up to 6 miles asap.



During this run I went into a really beautiful area with beautiful houses.. well the whole run has pretty houses, but South of 6th street has BIG houses.. in the Country Club area. I hear it's the most expensive neighborhood in Denver. Seriously some beautiful houses in there!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The weekend was pretty uneventful, but VERY relaxing...well except the intense soccer game on Sunday. Those games take it out of me! 90 minutes, coed and no subs for the girls.. and the games are definitely competitive and fast-paced. I love it though, so can't complain. I am kinda glad the season is now over, though. I would like to use my Sundays to lay by the pool! Especially since I won't have a pool to lay by after July 6th.
We were in the playoffs, but lost this game after a long battle. My Saturday team is now in the playoffs - the first game is this weekend, but I will be missing it.

This weekend I will be hanging out with my visitors! Looking forward to it! We're leaving Saturday to go camping and I am so excited for camping this summer. I bought a tent and sleeping bag and was tempted to buy all kinds of fun camping stuff, but I stopped myself.

Also, since the heat has been on in the last week and I've had Mia back, I have noticed how she reacts to hot weather. She does not like the hot weather at all! Last summer she was a little, tiny puppy and we didn't spend all that much time outside in the hot air. It also didn't take much before she was worn out when she was that little. Now it usually takes a lot more to get her worn out and I have found that hot weather wears her out so fast! We can even go to the park and sit and chill because she doesn't want to run around as much. She enjoys hanging out in the shade. So this weekend we hung out at the park and I read a book as she played some with her favorite toy of all time and rolled around in the shade.

I must say this summer might be pretty nice if that's all it takes to get her worn out and in her cute, adorable sleepy puppy state. She might start adjusting to the hot weather and not get worn out so fast. Either way, with her favorite toy of all time it's not too hard to get her tired.