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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


So, I've made it through over half of the semester. Time has gone pretty fast here in Manhattan - the weeks seem to fly by lately. They need to start slowing down a little bit, so I can enjoy my last year here - which I have been doing. The beginning of the week is a little tough to get through because I have my night classes on Monday and Tuesday, so then by the time those are over I feel like half of the week is gone.
I have finished my Tuesday night class and now need to get motivated to figure out something for my studio project. This new project we have started is proving to be a bit challenging for me and I need to get myself motivated. Halloween is coming up and I don't want to sacrifice those nights of fun to be in studio! -- so that will be my motivation for the rest of the week.

I had a great weekend back home in Wichita. It was nice and relaxing and I felt like I hadn't been home in awhile. We have had so many home football games this year that I have to find the weekends we have away games to do anything. These football games are definitely all day affairs. We have another one this weekend -the homecoming game - it hardly even matters that it's homecoming now that I'm not in the sorority anymore, now that I'm "alum". The only thing "homecoming" means right now is "halloween".
Anyways, Jeff was home from Denver this weekend as well - shortly, because he went to the OU game with my dad while my mom and I hung out in Wichita. We had some good food and I ate way too many m&m's from our bottomeless candy dish...
I don't have too much else to "update" on right now, but life is good and I hope it is for everyone else!

I'll throw in a few pics

some tailgating action

and the roomies