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Friday, November 21, 2008

coming up...

So so so excited to go home for Thanksgiving! I need a break so bad! My friends and I have been talking about Thanksgiving since the beginning of November and the actual day is at the very end of November, so there's been a lot of waiting going on here.
I took Wednesday off, so we're leaving Tuesday night and driving back to Kansas. A full car - 4 people and the dog. It has been so long since all the high school friends have been back together, so I am very excited to see them and catch up with them! There will also be college friends in town and we're making a trip for the actual Thanksgiving day to Oklahoma City to see my mom's side of the family. It will be a full visit, but it will be so nice.

This weekend should be fun. My friends are so fun! We always have stuff to do and I love it. I took a little hiatus from going out downtown, but tonight it is looking like a visit to LoDo is in the works.

Snowboarding/ski season is upon us and I can't wait to get out there. There could be a possible trip up to the mountains on Sunday. We shall see. There isn't a whole lot of snow.. and when you're a new snowboarder I'd say more snow is good! Among other reasons, padding my falls would be one reason.

This weekend needs to include...

working out
possibly Christmas shopping...which inevitable leads to shopping for me.. :/
game night!
hopefully taking it easy on the beverages

Thursday, November 20, 2008

a li'l quote about architecture..

I came across this page in a book I was browsing.. The Happiness of Architecture. I just really liked it. It starts with an empty field...

"The field has had an eventual life. A German bomber far off its target flew over it in the war. Children interrupted long car journeys to be sick on the edge of it. People lay down in it in the evenings and wondered whether the lights overhead were stars or satellites. Ornithologists tramped through it in oatmeal-coloured socks and spotted families of Black Redstarts. Two Norwegian couples on a bicycling tour of the British Isles camped here for a night and, in the tents, sang ‘Anne Knutsdotter’ and ‘Mellom Bakkar og Berg’. Foxes looked around. Mice made exploratory journeys. Worms kept their heads down.

But time has run out for the field. The patch of dandelions will soon be the living room of number 24. A few meters away, among the corn poppies, will be the garage for number 25, and there, in the white campions, its dining room, where a person not yet born will one day have an argument with his or her parents. Above the hedgerow, there’ll be a child’s room, drawn up by a woman working on a computer in an air conditioned office in a business park near a motorwary. A man in an airport on the other side of the world will miss his family and think of home, its foundations dug where a puddle now lies. Great Corsby Village will do its best to imply its age and inevitably, and nothing more will be said of the restarts, picnics or the long summer’s evening that rang to the sound of ‘Mellom Bakkar og Berg’."

-The Architecture of Happiness by Alain de Botton

Thursday, November 13, 2008

check it out


I have been a slacker on posting things lately! I know.

This week is a little busy, with two concerts to attend. Monday, I saw the lovely Matt Nathanson. Love him.
Tonight I'm seeing Eric Hutchinson. I've never seen him live, but I have been loving the music lately and I think he will be fun up on stage too.

Once again, no major plans for the weekend. I LOVE IT.

Last weekend, we went to First Fridays - which happens on the first Friday of every month- and the art galleries stay open late. You just walk around the art district and gander.. We actually thought there was supposed to be WINE, but we never found any. We found snacks and cider and such, but no wine. A lot of people come out for this, so maybe there are just too many people now or the wine was gone by the time we got around. We did see some people walking around with wine, we just didn't know where they got it.

So, the art galleries inspired me and last weekend I started drawing. I decided to use some things I already had. I had some 4x4 in. black mat board squares and my prisma color pencils and I got to work. The hard part for me is figuring out what to draw. At First Fridays I saw a lot of art that had to do with the Aspen trees up in the mountains, so I went with that. They are pretty fun to draw. I drew a little 'fall scene' on the black mat board. It came out alright. I think it still needs some more work, though.

So there might be some more art attempts up the sleeve. It will be a nice thing to do when it is all cold and snowy and wintery outside.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

What I do.

Some of the computer renderings I have done at work for one of our projects.

Monday, November 03, 2008


Tomorrow is going to be chaos in my neighborhood. One of the voting places is RIGHT behind my house. Last week was crazy, with people parking in front of my house and there is a ballot drop-off directly behind my house, too, so there has been tons of traffic around.

I am ready for this election to be over, ready to see how the results pan out and ready for the country to make history. I am also ready to see non-political ads. I am also ready for people to stop knocking on my door to tell me who to vote for.

It has been a very interesting last few months - no doubt about it. I've enjoyed learning about all of it and trying to keep up. I also realized how many people think they know, but they really have no idea.. because really only those two men running for president know (maybe?).

But we won't get in to all the political fun, because it is everywhere else.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

I'm a winner!

I want to thank CC over at Fork in the Road for picking me as one of the winners for her fall contest! Very exciting.. and it was a great idea for a contest!

I hope everyone had a great halloween! I definitely did and today I did absolutely nothing and it has been fabulous. The only thing I did accomplish was putting my k-state license plate frame thing on the back of my car.. replaced the OU one.. yuck :) I still have an OU alum sticker on the back window, which needs to come off. That will take a little work.

Back to halloween..we went to a house party over at a friend's house. He bought the house a little while ago and so we got to see it for the first time. It was a lot of fun! There were definitely some great costumes. We headed to the bars for a little bit after that, where we saw some Michael Phelps' and I was dressed up as Shawn Johnson, so the olympians had to take pictures together of course. Of course, cabs were hard to come by at the end of the night, so there was quite a bit of waiting. Luckily, we had told the (most adorable lady) cab driver we had earlier in the night, that we'd call her again, so she was able to come find us.

Well, tonight I'm going to take it easy. I feel like all my weekends lately have been really busy, so I really just want to relax!