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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

trying to welcome in 2009...

Wouldn't that be cool if all of a sudden, on January 1st, all of this crappy economy business just went away!? And everything started thriving!

Yeah, that would make my year..

With the economy in the crapper, it's kinda putting a damper on my 'hopes and dreams' for 2009. People aren't building buildings and architecture firms are doing the opposite of hiring. The whole thing feels like it's just going to halt. Not good.

I know there are many things I want to change/do in the coming year, though. I've never been one to make 'resolutions', but I may just have to come up with a little list to post up to remind me of things to strive towards.

I feel like I never quite settled into the house that I'm living in. In my head, I thought of it as a transitional spot. Somewhere I could save money and pay cheap rent, but I wasn't going to make it mine. I think I'm going to focus on at least making my room a nice area to be in. It is small, but I didn't take the time to organize very well. I honestly don't have enough places to put all of my stuff. Moving from an apartment I got to fill all the space with, I now feel very, very, very cramped. BUT, I think I will try to get creative and buy/make things that will help me organize and feel a bit more settled. My parents did give me a sewing machine for Christmas, so I could try to make some things! I also got new bedding for my bed for Christmas, which has already done wonders for the way the room looks.

Making things will definitely be something I need to do in this New Year- I need to be creative again.

With some new magazine subscriptions, which I also got for Christmas, I will hopefully be more inspired. Dwell Magazine will especially get the creative, fun, organized juices flowing.

I also got this fun little tripod for Christmas

Those are just among a few fun things I received for Christmas. Santa was great this year! (Thanks again Mom and Dad! Love you).

I will be in Breckenridge to ring in the new year! I hope everyone has fabulous night tonight!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

down time

So, I will be home in Wichita from the 20th to the 28th and I think I need to come up with a little project to fill my free time with. Does anyone have any ideas?

I may just go to hobby lobby and figure out what I can be crafty with.

I could also go through some old photos from Europe and pick some to nicely print off.

I do plan on reading books - something I don't do enough.

Or I could be extremely lazy and eat the whole time..which is likely.


So, now the goodies are rolling in from other offices. I should be careful what I wish for because now I can munch on things all day, which may not be such a good thing. You gotta do what you gotta do though... and it is the holidays and we can't let things go to waste, especially in this economy.. ;)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Wow. I can't believe I'm heading back to the hometown in less than a week for Christmas already. My Christmas shopping is done, though, so that is nice!

We got in the spirit this last Friday with the traditional tacky sweater party. It was a blast. Too much of a blast, because getting up bright and early to head out to Breckenridge for a weekend of snowboarding was ROUGH. A 2 hour drive through the mountains did not help at all.

We spent the night in Breckenridge where it got incredibly cold on Saturday night/Sunday. We managed to hot tub in the cold, snowy weather Saturday night- very nice. Sunday, we didn't go out for too long (for fear of frostbite!), but got a few runs in and then thought we should head back to Denver so we wouldn't hit bad traffic.

The pup is still recovering from the party. Who knows what all she got into, but pretty sure she got her little mouth on some beer and some snacks. She would have uncharacteristically slept in really late Saturday I think, but we had to wake up early to head to the mountains! She did snuggle with the couch occupant while I was getting ready though- it was pretty cute (don't know if you even know she did that!).

At work today, we have a couple holiday snacks. My coworker and I were pretty disappointed last week that the office had yet to get snacks we usually get from other offices. So we will see this week if we get much or if the economy is ruining that too! My coworker did bring in a small popcorn tin.. haha. Since we usually get one, but hadn't yet... soo we will be enjoying one this week whether we get one from another firm or not. Gotta love the popcorn tins!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I love it..

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Chili. Wine. Fire in the fireplace. Grey's Anatomy.

Good Thursday night!

The snow was falling all day long at work. On the way home I had to stop by a little mechanic shop near our house to get a non-moving windshield wiper moving. Turns out a bolt just needed to be tightened. Apparently this is common. I got home and took the dog to the school grounds around the corner to play in the snow. We've been playing every day after work with her alltimefavoritetoy, even since it's been dark, but it's nice in the snow - it's much easier to see in the dark when the ground is all white!

When the dog and I got back, all I wanted for dinner was chili. I couldn't think of anything else that sounded good, so off to the store.

And now I have delicious chili for leftovers.

Alright.. enough about chili.

some tidbits..

-Another good friend of mine is engaged! So I will be a bridesmaid twice this summer - it will be very, very fun!

-Christmas shopping will take place on Saturday

-Next weekend we will be having a little getaway to Breckenridge.

-Way too many people are getting laid off all over. It's awful. I'm freaking out about it. The architecture industry is rough right now.


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Freaking out a little about this economy!


That's about all for now. I'm a bad blogger lately...

Thanksgiving was great though. A good break from the usual routine. I love taking my dog back to my parents' house. She loves it - lots of attention and a big backyard to play in!

... Christmas is coming so fast! I need to finish rounding up the presents..eek!