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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fall Back

I have never been so affected by the short days of the winter and it is driving my a little bit crazy. This is my first time working an eight to five job during this time of the year. In school there was always studio to attend to in the evening, so it didn't matter if it was light or dark. Now, I don't really have anything to do after work, so I had been taking advantage of the beautiful evenings in Denver and spending a good amount of time outdoors. On top of just being annoyed that when I leave work it is dark, I also have my puppy that is used to her walks or runs shortly after my arrival.

So, this has led me to start thinking about taking her to doggy daycare twice a week for half a day. I will probably take her for the second half of the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then she will be all worn out for the evening! And that means I can get more done when I get home from work..hopefully this works out.

Random Info:

These are my favorite things to snack on right now.. de-licous.. fresh ones are very crisp and tasty..

Sugar Snap Peas..