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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

1 year, 1 day

I meant to write a little something yesterday. Yesterday was a year since I left for my big study abroad experience. I left with Luke from Wichita and flew to London. We then made our way to Oxford for a very jetlagged tour, then we ended up at the house of Luke's friends, who were so amazing.
And from there, so much more for 5 months.

The students going to Prague this year haven't quite left yet. We left about a week early so we could go to England, but the ones I have talked to are going straight to Prague, so I think they leave in just a couple days.
What a great experience and I've been looking through some of my pictures just remembering what it was like to be there. It would be awesome to be able to go back for a visit soon. Too bad flights aren't as cheap to Prague from the US as they are from England!

Okay, well here are a few pics of my first days in England and Prague.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


well, it's about that time to write something.
The semester has been a lot busier than it seemed it was going to be, but that is because I ended up getting a job. After a little bit of looking, I got a job at Panera. So far it's going well. It's definitely keeping my schedule busy. But it's all good and now I have a little bit of income, so I'm not stressed about that quite as much. Besides working, I'm only busy with studio. It's nice to come into studio and only have to worry about studio stuff instead of other classes.
Between studio and work I am trying to finish my portfolio.. it's a slow process, but I'm going to pick up the pace and get it done so I can make sure all is well before design expo.
Design expo is our career fair that the college of architecture does. Right now there are like 130 firms coming, so it is a good opportunity. There are firms from all over, but I don't think there are any from Boston - which is where I really want to go! I think there are some from Chicago, Denver and Portland, which I am interested in as well. Atleast I'll get some practice in for interviews through this.
Our professor just gave us a little lecture on balancing studio and job stuff, because fifth years always get distracted with portfolios and interviews and design expo.

This weekend is Alpha Chi's 60th anniversary reunion. so a lot of people are coming into town! but, panera also decided to schedule me really crap times for the first time so far. I close friday night, which it says is around! so nobody come to panera on friday, please, so I can possibly get out of there sooner. that's the pub crawl night, so I'll have to join much later. then i work at 7 am on sunday so I can't do anything too crazy saturday night.. so it really kinda sucks. oh well... i'll do my best to enjoy the weekend. I think I may go out on Thursday night to compensate. Or tonight, if K-state beats KU tonight I will probably go out...

that's what is going on.. i will try to do a little more updating.