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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

back to the little apple

I have moved back to Manhattan now. My parents came with me on Sunday and helped me move all my Stuff in. This year I had to bring along a bed, a dresser and a desk for the first time. Last year, the one semester I was in Manhattan, I was lucky enough to get to use somebody else's stuff for the semester. Jessie, who subleased from me while I was in Prague, didn't need her bed, dresser, and desk for that semester. It made moving a lot easier! This time we had a lot to haul, but I also get to keep it here for a whole year - and that is a first. I have yet to be able to leave all my stuff in one spot for a whole school year. In the dorms we had to move most of our stuff home over christmas break and same with the sorority house.

My room is pretty tiny, but everything fits in there and so far I'm enjoying it. The set up is working nicely. My desk is at the end of my bed, so the end of the bed is working as a chair for the desk. haha. That is the most cramped part of the room. Good thing I never have to do a lot of homework in my room because the bed as my chair would be rather dangerous and I wouldn't foresee much work getting done there.

We have one more roommate moving in tomorrow and then we'll all be settled here. School starts next Monday and so far the only things I have been doing in Manhattan have been getting ready for the semester - paying for it and then signing up for which studios I would prefer to be in. I'm not sure when I find out about the studio assignment. I also picked up my transcript from my semester abroad-thank goodness those got to the school. They told us that last year they had issues getting them.

Other than those few things, I haven't been up to much more than I was all summer in Wichita. Amazingly, the weather has been beautiful the last two days, so I have been able to run and walk outside. My roommate has a dog - still a bit of a puppy! - so I look forward to taking her on some walks. I took her on a walk yesterday and tried to run with her, but it turned into a full-fledged sprint. So we sprinted up and down Vattier (my street) yesterday..

well that's about it. I will try to update this a little bit more frequently now!