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Thursday, July 02, 2009

June, hello?

Did we have June? I feel like there was maybe 4 days in June this year.

Maybe because Denver decided June wasn't summer anymore..

Oh well, I have been looking forward to last weekend and this weekend for a long time! So I can't complain about the swiftness it approached I guess. Last weekend, one of my best high school friends tied the knot and I got to be in the wedding along with some of my other best high school buds and I got to see ALL of my high school buds at the wedding. I traveled back to KC for this one and was slightly tortured by taking pictures in 100 degree weather with 100% humidity.. or something like that. You gotta do what ya gotta do, though!

I had my first HUGE disagreement with tequila. I must say, I've never drank that much tequila in one night. I enjoy a tequila shot here and there, but I'm never drinking margaritas the whole night when I do that. So, the morning of the wedding day was a wee bit rough. Myself and the mother of the bride were struggling. The bride thought it was hilarious, so that's good. I finally felt good right before the wedding started, but I didn't do any drinking on the wedding night, which was unfortunate because the reception was at the Boulevard Brewery. How cool is that?
The building was so cool and the night couldn't have been more perfect. Usually hot days lead to hot nights in Kansas, but it felt like a Denver night!

It was a fun weekend, but I didn't have any recovery time at all. This week at work turned into a busy one as well. So right now I am in such a great mood, looking forward to my 3 day weekend that should be nice and relaxing. Celebrating the 4th at Wash Park with my friends is so perfect for me. You get there and you stay there all day. We're having a keg, volleyball net, washers, cornhole, polish horseshoes, laddergolf and lots o' food. Hopefully it's as fun as last year!

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melanie said...

aww your 4th of july sounds fun! miss meeting you for random lunches!