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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hi from houston

Well, I'm on my first 'business trip'.. well an over night one I guess. Very exciting. It was decided at about noon today and I was on a plane at 5:20. Crazy! There was a lot running through my head between those two times. Had to do something with the dog, tell the volleyball team I wouldn't make it, cancel happy hour plans on Friday, figure out what the hell to pack in smoldering Houston. Can I wear a swimsuit around there? Because it's going to be so hot and humid. I'm afraid for tomorrow morning!

So, I'm in my hotel room hanging out. Should probably just go to sleep soon, but NCIS is on and I NEVER get to watch this show anymore because I only get basic cable at home.

Anyway, reading some blogs this evening, too and I really liked this gem over at Chelsea Talks Smack. It just makes sense to me.

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melanie said...

doesnt texas heat make you want to die? want to drive up to dallas and pack me up in your suitcase and take me back to colorado with you? please??